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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hanging New Shelves

 Handy Husband is also very hands-on with the kids. He cooks and bakes with Kenna almost every day, and tries to include her in everything from gardening to woodworking. When I requested two new shelves for our supplies, Kenna and Daddy grabbed their tools and got to work.

 Kenna was pleased to use the hammer, but overjoyed to weild the drill. She waited very patiently for Daddy to finish pounding in the, um, screw holdy things.  (He's handy, not me...)

 YAY! Time to use the drill!

 Screwing in the brackets. She did great!

 Daddy coached her on holding it level, applying pressure, and she soaked it all in.

 Tada! New shelves!  (I bought cheap wood at the hardware store, Bill routed the edges to make it look fancy, and I slapped a coat of glossy white paint on. I bought $3 brackets and so my two shelves cost less than ten dollars!


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