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Monday, April 28, 2014

Nest Week/Spring activities

We started with E for Easter trays, which bled into Nest and Bunny trays, so the whole month was very spring themed! These were our trays dedicated to N for Nest.
 www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com has a great N for Nest week. We used this great letter match- I provided uppercase and lowercase letter tiles- matching capitals is too easy for them, so now they have to do the lowercase, too!

 Pattern block printable which they are loving. Next time I set out this activity, I will cut up the patterns into three strips. It was a little overwhelming with all three on one page. Plus, they kept trying to do work all three patterns at once, which meant blocks sliding around and them feeling frustrated.

Put the eggs in ABC order. We played a game where I laid out a-g and then pulled out two letters from the line, and they had to "fill in the blanks". This was soo good for mastering abc order!

 This sweet tray was for my 5year. She is very into writing prompts, so I found a "bird in nest" type picture from a book I LOVE (Bee &Bird) and she had to write a sentence to tell what is happening in the picture.
 Forming the letter N with playdough.
 Clip cards with eggs!
 I put out this tray again and got a little more interest this week. Someone matched up the 1 and the 2 and left it in a corner... :)
These crazily cute cards are color matching- too easy for my crew, but they LOVED it!


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