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Thursday, January 2, 2014

T is for Trucks

Truck week is a must when you have a vehicle addicted 3 year old!
 FOund this set of traffic sign wooden dominoes at a yard sale. I wasn't sure why I was buying them at the time, but I knew I had to have them!
 Using our Alex Button Board to match colors.
 Practicing fine motor skills by peeling stickers.
 Driving wooden cars up and down a number line. We played several games with this. Our favorite was when I named a number and they drove the car to "park" on it.
 The cars helped us count up the number line, and then back down. It helped us to "add one more" as well.
  Truck number clipping cards.  I just wrote numbers 1-5, since I didn't want to frustrate them. (they don't love this activity.)

 How inviting it looked on the tray!
 Alex truck lacing beads.
 Studying animals and bugs that start with T. My 4 year old and I took it a step further and she wrote their names as writing work, and then she matched the cards back up. I also read her all the facts on the back of the cards, which were so interesting!

 I need to do separate posts for my kindergarten work! Here is a 50-80 maze for Kenna, using dry erase. She LOVES this.
 Back to the toddlers. Different colored cars (link coming soon!) and matching colored pattern blocks to the cars.

Using power magnets in a truck color sort. I had a little pack of these truck silhouettes, and we used them for everything this week! We made shadow puppets by gluing them to popsicle sticks! We wrote out our names, one letter per truck, and lined them up.  We did relief painting where we stamped all over them and then peeled them up!
We had a fun time with these trays! These were for my 2 and 3 year old. My oldest enjoyed trying them once, but even she acknowledged that they were too easy for her. Instead, she decided to "teach" her brother his colors, which was precious to watch, and annoyed him to no end.


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