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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Long time, no blog! Three kids and an eco-friendly baby store will really bog a mama down. Despite lack of posting, we have still been doing school. Quinn turned two in June and now has her own learning trays each week, which she LOVES.

I decided to get back into blogging because people are always asking how I organize and present materials, which I love to share about but is hard to explain without pictures. Also, I am back because it kind of holds me accountable for staying on track and making sure my trays are awesome! :) We have officially started our school year and it is going to be a great one!

Here is some of what we are doing for D is for Dinos week. :) 

**There is much more on our trays this week, but I am just getting back into the groove, and I am easing into it. Plus, technology has changed soo much since I stopped blogging- I have a camera phone that can upload instant pics, and an iPad to take pictures and make movies. Whew, media overload!
 Simple dino flashcards I found at target dollar spot, along with a magnifying glass for closer inspection. There are facts on the back, but none of my three care much about that yet.
 4 year old- dino dig. Dig up bones and decide whether the word is a real word or a nonsense word. Found this great printable on TPT and I love it!
 Kenna got into this tray during nap and decided to fill in her own blanks. She clearly dug up words and tried to sort them. I am really proud of her! Real side- Fix, pot, jet and has are all real words! (she told me SEM was "seem" - so it makes sense she wrote it on that side.) Nonsense side- reg, pid, zem, yus, and ??not sure what she wrote!
 Dino two-part puzzles for the 2 year olds.
 Match dinos to our number line. (so really a just a number match, but it is tricky because the fonts are different so the1, 4, and the 9 are written differently.
 Sorting Big D and Little D (www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com)
My trio, all grown up and singing their days of the week. More to come soon, I hope!


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