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Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calendar

After a bit of a scramble, I finished our family's Advent Calendar late on November 30th! I decided to hand-cut and hand-sew everything, which definately slowed me down! Add to that Thanksgiving craziness, two sick kids, and "finals week" for my husband, and we can officially declare the completion of this project a MIRACLE!

It's completely made out of felt, plus 25 small white buttons. Each pocket will soon contain a small felt ornament- one to hang on each button (thanks, Grammie!)!  In the meantime, I cut up some felt circles and we are buttoning those to the tree each day, and they sorta look like Christmas lights. (that's how I'm selling it to my kids, and they LOVE it!)

The calendar is suspended with a tree branch, and some ribbon. I love it so much! I handcut each number, handsewed everything down, and came up with the tree design on my own.

Kenna is so thrilled with it. Each morning, we button on a "christmas light", read the note telling us about our craft for the day and any special activities we will be doing (Christmas parade, visit Santa, go to train show, take holiday pictures, etc), and I have also put in some stickers, a couple m&ms, and tomorrow there will be a mini candycane.

  Here it is with all of the simple little "lights" I hastily made once I realized making tiny felt ornaments in time was not gonna happen. Wait until you see the ornaments we are sewing up for next year!


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